Christian science fiction book series
by Stephen R. Wilson

The Gifted: Book 3: Heavens and Earth is here!

Super Heroes. Aliens. Zombies. Giants. War. God.

In the Heavens:

A potentially inhabited planet has been discovered. Can General Raines and the Specials claim the right of first contact before anyone else gets to it? And what can the mysterious book they find in the alien ruins reveal to them?


Magus has conquered Anduris and the home planet of the peaceful Geyrs. Can Gretchen, Ling, and the Ayviline dethrone him?


On Earth:

Eric and Melody are dead. Can Protector General Jim Slate track down their killers,Trinity and Doctor Luca Temlane?


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Author's Note:

The Gifted series is written from a Christian viewpoint by an accredited pastor. It does, however, include some mature thematic elements such as drug use, terrorism, child and women abuse, abortion, teen pregnancy, and death. It is therefore not intended for readers under 12 years of age.