Christian science fiction book series
by Stephen R. Wilson

About the Author

Steve is an avid reader of comic books and sci-fi/fantasy novels. He plays guitar and is the proud holder of a Master’s of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary in Trotwood, Ohio. He is currently the Pastor of Students and Young Adults at Alpha Church of the Nazarene, near Dayton, Ohio and has been happily married to his wife, Mindy, for the past seven years.

Steve also owns and operates the Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Review website, where you can read reviews about new and previously released small-press and independent titles from other Christian sci-fi/fantasy authors.

In addition, Steve has recently launched his CLASSICS REVITALIZED book series and his Church History in Modern Language! book series. CLASSICS REVITALIZED seeks to reintroduce today’s audience to the timeless classics by paraphrasing original works of literature into modern language. Church History in Modern Language! presents the writings of Christianity’s most notable founders and teachers, translated into today’s language. The meaning of the words is the same – they’re just easier to understand!

Steve also offers editing and critiquing services for not-yet-published books and stories (click here for details).

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