Christian science fiction book series
by Stephen R. Wilson

The Gifted: Book 1: In the Beginning Table of Contents

Aliens. Vigilante Ninjas. Mad scientists.    Hard-nosed detectives. Super-heroes. 


An alien ship has crash-landed on Earth, setting off a new wave of drug addiction and world war in its wake, while the sole survivor of the wreckage vows revenge against the god-like authorities of his home planet. At the same time, the new president of the GenRes Company is obsessed with living up to his father’s medical success and has just discovered how to transform normal children into Genetically Altered super-humans. Who will control these children? The scientist, the alien, and a couple of ambitious criminals are all eager to keep them for their own use. But Someone else has entirely different plans for them. Follow as each development merges together and a new breed of adolescent superheroes rises to the forefront in book one of The Gifted: In the Beginning.




Copyright 2010. Stephen R. Wilson

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Chapter 1: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Chapter 2: Trial by Error

Chapter 3: Different Kines

Chapter 4: Shore Thing

Chapter 5: Full Slate

Chapter 6: Viola's Christian Home for Children

Chapter 7: Junior

Chapter 8: Magus 

Chapter 9: Getting Carried Away

   The Gifted continued in Book 2: Coming of Age