Christian science fiction book series
by Stephen R. Wilson

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Steve would love to speak at your church, youth meeting, high school, college, or special event. As an evangelical pastor, Steve can preach or speak on any of the following The GIFTED-related topics:

My Testimony                    My Adventures in Self-Publishing

We're all Gifted - using our talents and experiences to God's glory

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Growing up with and Dealing with Unsaved Family Members

Standing Up for What You Believe at School and at Work

How to Make a Right Judgment without being Judgmental

The Christian Response to Homosexuality

The Christian Stand on Abortion

Drug Use: the Economic, Emotional, and Physical Dangers

The Dangers of Premarital Sex

The Christian Stand on Mercy-Killing (Euthenasia)

The Christian Stand on Invitro Fertilization and Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Should Christians Help the Self-Made Poor?

The Christian Case for Pacifism

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