Christian science fiction book series
by Stephen R. Wilson

Have you written a Christian Sci-fi or Fantasy book?

Expose your work to a wider audience! Send a promotional copy of your book to Steve. He will read it and write a review of it for Christian Sci-fi and Fantasty Review. Contact me at or visit Christian Sci-fi and Fantasty Review for more information!

Still working on your book or story?

Steve can offer a thorough edit and critique of your work. Send him a full manuscript or only a section. You decide. You may want to submit a portion now and the rest later. Simply go to our store, type in how many pages you're submitting (the price is $0.75 per page), pay the amount, and then send in your work!

(All submissions must be sent via email attachment in a Word document with 1 inch margins and a Times New Roman 12-point font. Note: Steve will not read anything with explicit sexual imagery or an over-abundance of profanity.) 

Once you've submitted your document, you'll receive a reply email confirming that it has been received and letting you know approximatley how long it will be before your critique is finished.

To ask a question or to send a submission, email me at